What To Do When You Lose Your Knitting Mojo

By Tracey B.

Meet the maker

Hello!! My name is Tracey and I am a knitter from Toronto, Canada! I have been knitting for over 30 years! Knitting has always been a huge part of my life and I am rarely seen without a pair of knitting needles in my hand. I am so happy that now it is trendy! I have three amazing children  ages 23, 21 and 15 and two big doggies that think everything is their business. Luckily, they know to never disturb mommy’s yarn!

I took my love of knitting a little further when I opened an Etsy store over ten years ago. It has housed all my different knitting endeavors. It has transitioned from a chunky knitwear shop, to a newborn prop shop, to a knitting notions shop which it is currently. Now that newborn photographers are back at work, it will soon be back to showcase all my newborn knitting props once again. Creating these tiny knits for these incredibly special memories, really captures my heart. 

During Covid, I even started my own knitting podcast; Grizzlie Knits! You haven’t felt nerves until you’ve talked to a camera for 40 minutes about yarn and knitting. I don’t know which was more terrifying; the thought everyone was watching or the thought no one was watching! 

I love to connect with other knitters, so pop by on YouTube or Instagram and say hi!

If you are like me, you pride yourself on being a serious knitter. You have dedicated countless hours into advancing your hobbies and learning new techniques and stitches. We won’t even discuss the money you have spent on yarn and notions! And now…..you don’t feel like knitting! Not a sock, sweater, blanket, or hat! NOTHING. Your knitting mojo is gone. OUT. You wake up with the best of intentions that you will pick up your knitting during the day, but the day ends and not a single stitch was had. Now what? 

Here are 6 ways to help you get your knitting mojo back:


Don’t feel bad and come down hard on yourself. That will do nothing. Instead, look at what is going on around you. Tired? Extra busy? Overwhelmed? Give yourself grace. This is a hobby meant to bring you calm and peace. If it doesn’t at the moment, that is OK. You fell in love with this craft for a reason. If your season of life has changed, that is ok too. No feeling bad. Maybe you need to match a project with where you are in your life right now. Sometimes an easy blanket, in a plain garter stitch that you can pick up and put down without any fuss, is the perfect project. Or maybe if you are running around a lot, a simple vanilla sock shoved in your purse is all you need to get those creative juices flowing again. Match your project with your immediate lifestyle.

Declutter Your Supplies

One of the perks of being a knitter is also collecting yarn! For some of us (cough..cough) our stash is quite large. But over time, our tastes change. If walking into your yarn space or craft room is overwhelming, it may be time to declutter. Sell or donate the yarn that just isn’t doing it for you anymore. The same goes for notions, supplies and books. By sorting through your stash and thinning it down to what you love, it just may ignite that spark of creating again that you need.

Visit Your Local Yarn Shop

So now that your creating space is neat and tidy and you can see exactly what you have, what if you still feel creatively empty? Take a trip to your local yarn shop! Seeing all those rows and rows of neatly stacked shelves is such eye candy!  Take a look at the samples shown and displayed. Talk to the staff and ask them what is popular right now or new in their shop? Even if you leave empty handed (is that even a thing??) one little idea may stick with you and fuel your creative juices when you get home.

Start Something New

You have a whole pile of WIPS (works in progress) piled high in the corner,  taunting you every time you walk in the room. If you have lost your mojo, now is not the time to stress about those unfinished projects.  They are just not going to cut it. It might be time to just start something new. Pick some yarn that you absolutely love. A new colour or texture that you have always wanted to try. Next choose a pattern that you saved for the future. The future is now baby. Bust out a fresh, cute project bag, an adorable progress keeper, and cast on and enjoy. Something new and exciting to work on might just be what you need!

Make Small Goals For Yourself

If your mojo has packed their bags for an extended vacation, maybe you need to break down your project into small goals or tasks. Instead of staring at a sock WIP, see what needs to be completed and break that into sections. For example; knit a cuff today, a leg tomorrow, a heel the day after that and so on. By accomplishing these small, manageable tasks, not only will you feel successful, but it might even get you excited to see a bit of progress each day. I like to write down my knitting goals in my daily planner so I can tick things off old school, but you use whatever method works for you!

Connect With Other Knitters

If your mojo has left the building, maybe it is time to look for inspiration from other knitters! If you have a local knit night or knit group to join, being psychically with other knitters and engaging in knitter chat, might be just what you need! If this isn’t your thing or doesn’t fit into your season of life right now, podcasts are also an excellent way to connect! Grab your favourite beverage, a project (new or old) and put on YouTube. There are many knitting podcasts to choose from. It is so inspirational and motivating to see what others are working on from all over the world. It is heartwarming to connect with someone over the joy of knitting. I personally have made many dear knitting friends this way.

Getting your knitting mojo back when it is gone may take a bit of time. You are an artist, and art can not be forced. By not stressing about it and throwing away feelings of guilt or failure, you are sure to get back on track. The most important thing to do is relax about it and that joyful feeling of creating sure to return. The beautiful thing is when your mojo comes back, your yarn and needles are always patiently waiting for your sweet return.

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