The Coffee Bean Pumpkin – Easy Knitting Pattern

Anyone else continuously adding more pumpkins to their house all season? I just added the fourth one to our tv cabinet and my husband said I was getting a bit extra LOL. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

The Coffee Bean Pumpkin is an easy knitting pattern named after the Coffee Bean Beanie patterns I have been designing this year. You can check them out here! The slip stitches create a little coffee bean looking stitch, hence the name.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. If you make one, would you tag me on Instagram @kneedlesandlife so I can see? You can also use the hashtag #coffeebeanpumpkin. Please do not alter or share this pattern in any way. This pattern is the property of Kalley Reedy and violation of copyright will not be tolerated. You are welcome to sell finished pumpkins but please credit my pattern. Thank you!

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Here are all the materials you will need to make this pumpkin:

  • Approx. 30 yards of Super Bulky weight 6 yarn. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in the color Wheat for this pumpkin.
  • US 13 / 9mm circular knitting needles, 16″ cord
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch Marker
  • Polyfil or your stuffing of choice
  • Stem – I use cinnamon sticks from the grocery store. You can use a stick from your yard, braided twine, or anything else you want!
  • Hot glue to secure the stem
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape


These are the abbreviations you will find throughout the pattern:

  • k – knit
  • p – purl
  • sl – slip
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • ** – repeat what is in between


  • You can customize the width of your pumpkin by casting on more or less stitches in multiples of 3
  • You can customize the height of your pumpkin by knitting for more or less inches
  • This pattern is knit in the round from the bottom up.
  • Gauge is not important for this pattern and you can use 8mm or 10mm needles if you don’t have 9mm on hand.


This finished pumpkin is about 3.5″ tall and 7″ wide. See “notes” for how to make your pumpkin a different size.

Cast on 36 sts leaving a long enough tail to sew up the bottom. Join to k in the round. Place st marker.

1: *p2, sl 1 (p wise with yarn in back)* repeat for entire round.

2: k all sts

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until your pumpkin measure 6″ tall.

Cut approx. 24″ tail. Thread yard through darning needle and run it through all the stitches as you slip them off the left needle. Do not cut yarn or cinch closed yet.

Thread the bottom yarn end through darning needle. Whip st around the bottom and cinch closed. Do not cut yarn yet.

Fill taut will polyfil through the top opening. Thread yarn through darning needle again and now pull tight and cinch the top closed. Since you didn’t do any decreases, there will be a small hole, perfect for the stem.

Poke needle down through the middle of the pumpkin and pull out the bottom. Pull as tight as you like to create the indent you desire, and tie both ends of yarn together a few times in a secure knot. Weave in ends.

Using a hot glue gun, attach your stem of choice. I use cinnamon sticks, but you can use a strip of leather, twine, sticks from your yard, etc.

I hope you enjoy this pattern. I can’t wait to see all the pumpkins you make! Leave a comment letting me know what color you’re going to make and be sure to pin on Pinterest!

XOXO, Kalley

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