The Best Board Books For 2 Year Olds

Does your toddler love to read? Mine sure does! Of course, her book preferences are constantly changing, especially when they have specific characters or holiday themes. I rounded up her favorites that never seem to change, and what I think are some of the best board books for 2 year olds right now. Make sure to leave a comment letting me know some of your toddler’s favorite books so I can check them out!

Little girl reading a book with her mouse stuffed animal.

I love that these books are colorful and educational, but simple enough for her to understand and “read” on her own. We keep her books on the bottom two shelves of a book shelf in our living room so she can pull off whatever she want to look at on her own during the day.

If you’re looking for a great bookshelf, we have two of these from Target in our living room. Make sure you mount the back to the wall so your child can safely pull on it without it turning over. 🙂

All books are linked throughout the post and also in a carrousel at the bottom of the post! These are affiliate links, which makes I may make a small commission if you purchase through my link. This doesn’t cost you anything extra, but means the world to me. Thank you for helping support my blog and allowing me to create more free content for you!

Little Blue Truck

Maddie is OBSESSED with Little Blue Truck and I’ve heard that other toddlers are, too. How about your kiddo? There’s a few we don’t have yet like Halloween and Christmas that I’m excited to add to the collection this year.

Mouse Books

We love the mouse series and so does Maddie. Her lovey is a mouse so she’s a little obsessed with anything mouse related, though. Did you know Amazon Prime has a kid show?? There’s also lots of holiday themed books!

Animal Books

We’re currently in a farm and zoo animal phase, so we have lots and animal books. These are four favorites that get read over and over!

Bilingual Books

I learned about Canitcos from a knitting friend. Maddie is OBSESSED with their cute music videos on YouTube. If you’re looking for highly educational and cute videos in English and Spanish, click here to check them out. We also have most of their books and Maddie loves reading them!

Simple Books

It’s so sweet when toddlers start to memorize books and “read” them on their own. These are some of Maddie’s favorites!

Funny Books

We love these two funny books. But actually the belly button book helped Maddie when she was afraid of her belly button for a little while!

“Never Touch A…” Books

These are really creative sensory books that Maddie loves! There are sooo many different ones so I linked one here for you to take a look for yourself.

Current book we read on repeat…

Have you read Grumpy Monkey? We randomly picked this book up one day and it’s funny, but also has a great message about feelings and how it’s ok to be grumpy sometimes! Maddie thinks it’s hilarious when the monkey says “I’m not grumpy!” and we’ve read this book probably 100 times the past week.

What’s your kiddo’s favorite book right now! I’d love to check it out! Let me know in a comment below. 🙂

xo, kalley

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