Summer Yarn: A Guide to Choosing the Best Fiber for Your Summer Knits

With the arrival of sunny days and balmy evenings, it’s time to talk about choosing the best fiber for your summer knitting and crochet projects. I just wrote a post last week about my favorite knit and crochet tops for this summer, so if you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check it out! While winter is all about cozy and chunky yarns, summer calls for something lighter and breezier. Today, I want to share my absolute favorite yarns with you, which you are probably expecting to be cotton. But hold on, we’re also going to dive into the versatile world of wool, the refreshing qualities of linen, and the practicality of acrylic fibers. So, let’s unravel (har har) some options in this blog post!

When the temperature rises, cotton yarn seems to become the most popular fiber to knit and crochet with. Its lightweight and breathable nature make it a go-to choice for keeping cool while creating beautiful patterns. Whether you’re chilling at the beach, sipping on a refreshing drink, or picnicking in the park, cotton yarn adds a touch of summer to your projects. But don’t sleep on using wool in the warmer months, too. Although typically associated with colder months, it’s a super breathable fabric that is temperature controlled and doesn’t stink. Obviously, you aren’t going to use a super bulky wool yarn to make yourself a summer shirt, but fingering weight and even sport or DK wool is absolutely amazing for a flowy top.

Now, let’s talk about linen, the epitome of summer freshness. Linen clothing is super popular for warm weather, and linen yarn is no exception. It brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your projects. It’s lightweight, durable, and has fantastic breathability, making it ideal for summer garments that keep you stylishly cool. Linen’s natural drape and ability to soften with each wash create beautifully textured finished pieces that you’ll adore wearing.

Last but not least, what about acrylic fibers? Well, they’re like the jack-of-all-trades in the yarn world. Acrylic yarns are affordable, widely available, and come in a vast range of colors and textures. Acrylic fiber often gets a bad rap among yarn snobs because it’s not a natural fiber and therefore not economical. I disagree, because acrylic is durable and if you treasure your makes, will last forever. It’s also important to have options for babies, as well as adults who are sensitive to wool, or individuals who may not be able to afford wool. Acrylic is extremely easy to care for, making it perfect for blankets, kids garments, and other items that require frequent washing.

So there you have it—my top fiber picks for summer crafting. Cotton and wool yarn for that ultimate lightweight and breathable feel, linen for a fresh and classy vibe, and acrylic fibers for their versatility and practicality. Each of these fibers has its unique qualities, giving you endless possibilities for your knitting and crochet projects. Whether you’re making breezy tops, adorable baby blankets, or colorful accessories, there’s a yarn out there to suit your summer crafting needs. So grab your hooks and needles, let the summer breeze inspire you, and let’s look at the yarn I use the most this time of year!

KnitPicks CotLin

If you are looking for a great linen yarn, check out CotLin – a cotton and linen blend! It is DK weight and comes in a variety of beautiful colors. Click here to find it online.

KnitPicks Dishie

I haven’t use Dishie for garments before, but it is my favorite worsted cotton yarn for paci clips, dish cloths and towels, keychains, and other accessories and home items. Click here to find it online.

Sirdar Snuggly Replay

This is my favorite yarn this year! It is a 50% cotton and 50% acrylic blend that is soft, plump, and stretchy. You can machine wash AND dry, so I use it for a lot of my daughters clothing! Click here to find it on their website. They are based in England but ship quickly and free if you spend over $35.

Sock Yarn

Most of the wool I use in the summer is sock yarn. It is typically a 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon blend. It’s breathable, durable, and great for washing. My favorites are Yarn Over Floyd and Sewrella.

KnitPicks Comfy Worsted

Comfy is a 75% pima cotton and 25% acrylic blend. It’s super soft and machine washable. Click here to find it online.

KnitPicks Comfy Color Mist

This yarn is the same as Comfy but comes in larger hanks and variegated colors. Click here to find it online.

Hobbii Friends Cotton

Hobbii has a great variety of yarn, but especially cotton. They have almost every weight so take a look at their website here.

We Are Knitters The Cotton

This is a beautiful 100% pima cotton that comes in multiple colors. It swatches like a DK weight yarn and the skeins are affordable considering how many yards are in one ball. Use the code MGMD2JH4E at checkout for $12 off your first order, which is a free ball of The Cotton! Click here for their website.

Hobbii Kind Feather

If you are looking for a super soft acrylic, check out Kind Feather from Hobbii. Hobby Lobby also has a wonderful selection of high quality and affordable acrylic yarn!

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