Stone Street Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

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The Stone Street Cowl is the first pattern I ever designed, way back in 2018! I sold a whopping 0 copies but I was super proud to publish something I had designed myself. The inspiration for this cowl and its name came from a winter trip to NYC with my husband. The weather was COLD and we both had to pull our floppy scarves over our faces to stay warm in the brutal wind. When we got home from the trip, I started making a cowl that would be small and stiff to keep your neck and face warm on cold, windy days. I named it after a cozy street where we had dinner one night. You’ll see in the photo below why it has the name “Stone Street.”

I decided to revisit this pattern, give it a little update, and post it free so more people can enjoy it! Let me know in a comment if you make this cowl and how you like it. 🙂

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US Q 15.75mm crochet hook

Stitch marker


Tapestry needle


Approx. 110 yards of Super Bulky (6) weight yarn.

For the burnt orange cowl, I used Amigo Giga from hobbii. The color is “Cognac (A39)” and you only need one skein. This yarn is 100% acrylic and very soft, but creates a fabric that is a bit more dense and stiffer. Find the yarn online here!

For the cream cowl, I used one skein of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lion Brand in the color Fisherman. This yarn is 20% wool, 80% acrylic and creates a cowl that is a bit more flexible than the Amigo Giga.

Feel free to try any super bulky (6) yarn you want! Other suggestions I have would be Tuff Puff from KnitPicks, Malabrigo Rasta, Hometown from Lion Brand, and Alla Prima from KnitPicks. Pay attention to yardage because some of these yarns will require more than one skein.

Size & Fit

The finished cowl measures approx. 12″ (30.5 cm) wide and 8″ (20 cm) tall.

If you cowl seems a bit tall or stiff, it’s supposed to be! I designed this pattern for super cold, windy days and this cowl is perfect for wearing outside in low temperatures with your favorite winter coat.


This pattern is written in English and with US crochet terms.

The cowl is worked in the round so there will not be any turning. 

Going into the middle of a single crochet is called the “waistcoat stitch” or “knit stitch” because it comes out looking knit. See photos below the pattern for how this stitch is crocheted.

It is helpful to keep your tension loose for this pattern or if can be difficult to do the knit stitch correctly.


To purchase an ad-free PDF version of this pattern, click here!

Chain 31 loosely. Being careful not to twist the chain, slip stitch with the very first chain to join in the round. Chain up 1.

Round 1 – Single crochet around in each chain until you have 31 stitches. Slip stitch into your first single crochet to join and pull tight. Chain up 1.

Rounds 2-16 – [Knit stitch into each single crochet all the way around (31 stitches), slip stitch in the first stitch at the beginning of the round (not the chain 1) to join and pull tight, chain up 1]. Repeat from [ to ] until the cowl is 16 rows, or your desired height. Slip stitch to join your final row, cut and weave in ends.

Feel free to block or steam your cowl, or start wearing it right away!

Knit Stitch Tutorial

1. Find the space between the two legs of the single crochet v.

2. Insert hook and yarn over.

3. Pull through.

4. Yarn over and pull through the two loops on your hook. Try to keep your tension loose so the single crochets are not too tight to get your hook through the middle.

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xo, kalley

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