Novice Sweater Junior by PetiteKnit – Pattern Review

Let me start by saying I LOVE PetiteKnit patterns. Each one is well written and I find them easy to follow, even for a beginner sweater knitter. However, the Novice Sweater Junior pattern is next level for beginners. If you have been wanting to knit a sweater but are nervous about getting started and reading a pattern, get this one. I made this one for my daughter, but there’s an adult version you can make for yourself which I have made too! I love the chunky and simple design with the folded neck. It’s a cozy sweater you can wear all winter long, home or out in public.

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This sweater is knit top down in a circular yoke. There are no short rows, and all increases are really simple and explained thoroughly in the pattern.

The body and arms are split when the yoke is complete and you knit the body, then each arm. There is a tiny bit of seaming when you fold the collar down but it is quick!


The pattern calls for 3 yarns held together that I am unfamiliar with, so I tested gauge with some yarn in my stash and had success with Twill from KnitPicks. This yarn is listed as worsted but it’s very thick and dense. It matched gauge perfectly for me on the first try but you’ll want to double check for yourself.

You can find the yarn linked here. It’s 100% wool and very soft! I used the color Rose Water Heather.

I also made a second sweater and am used Muse from KnitPicks. It is another worsted yarn that is too thick to use for anything else so I’m happy to find a pattern for it! That yarn doesn’t stretch as well so you’ll want to make sure you cast on for the neck fairly loosely.


I use my Sunstruck needle set from KnitPicks. You will need two sizes, one for the cuffs and one for the body/sleeves, so I recommend using interchangeable needles for easy tip and cord length


I wet blocked the sweater and love how it turned out. It looked good enough without blocking, but the yarn relaxed and has a beautiful drape after blocking. I also wanted to stretch it a little for a baggy fit.


My best tip is to check and double check gauge since you will most likely be using a yarn different from the design. Size up or down needles if you need to!

I mentioned it earlier in the post but make sure your cast on is fairly loose and don’t sew the collar down too tight. You want plenty of stretch for going over big kid’s heads. 😉


This pattern is GREAT for beginners and also anyone else who wants a simple, chunky sweater! It’s super quick to make and really rewarding. I cannot recommend it enough.

Let me know if you decide to make a Novice Sweater and let me know what yarn you choose!

xo, kalley
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  1. 9.14.21
    Lauren said:

    I’ve been wanting to try a Petite Knit pattern! I just finished my first sweater so this might be the best next project! Thanks for the in depth review 🙂

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Her patterns are wonderful!

    • 9.15.21
      Katie said:

      This sweater is so cute! Definitely putting it on my make list! Thanks for the review.

    • 9.16.21
      Brenda said:

      Thank you for the great description of this cute little project. I particularly like that you showed the before and after blocking photos!
      Adding this to my cart for sure . . . 🧶

  2. 9.15.21
    Esther said:

    I’m not going to lie, I already put the pattern in my cart before reading this. Haha. But now I’m definitely buying it! I’m new to knitting clothing and blocking in general so thank you for adding that and the pictures! And the recommendation on the yarn as well!

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Haha! I’m excited for you!

  3. 9.15.21
    Nicole said:

    Beautiful colour! Would love to try this pattern for my girls 2.5y and 1y). Helpful review as I am a beginner at sweaters so this sounds like it maybe the one for me!

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Yes you totally should!

  4. 9.15.21
    Carly said:

    the cutest sweater in the cutest colorway 😍

  5. 9.15.21
    Laura Noble said:

    I’ve got several petite knitter patterns that I want to knit and now I’ll have to add this one to the list haha. That pink is so gorgeous! Such a nice simple pattern.

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Her patterns are amazing!

  6. 9.15.21
    Jason D’Amours said:

    I wish there was a child I could knit for 😂 children’s knitwear is always SO CUTE ( and I bet so much faster to get a completed knit object lol, not that speed is always the point but, you know what I mean).

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      It is SO much faster haha!

  7. 9.15.21
    Miranda said:

    Love this sweater! I might have to make one of these for my nephew ❤

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Sounds like a great idea!

  8. 9.15.21
    Erica said:

    I’m currently knitting this! I got gauge with an aran weight pattern & I love how it’s turning out so far!! Great choice for your little one. I love a good soft pink 🥺

  9. 9.15.21
    Kristin said:

    Love the pink color! I wonder if this would look nice on a boy in a different color?

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Yes I’m sure it would!

  10. 9.15.21
    Valerie said:

    That is such a cute sweater!!!

  11. 9.15.21
    Sheena said:

    It looks super cute 😍

  12. 9.15.21
    Rachel said:

    This sweater turned out beautifully! I love the yarn and the pattern😍 but that model sure makes it😉. I so would love to make this for my little Sarah Bear🥰.

  13. 9.15.21
    Katie said:

    Such a cute sweater! And that color is darling. You’ve convinced me to block my next project!

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      It’s annoying but really does make a difference!

  14. 9.15.21
    Lauren said:

    Omg this is adorable! The color is super pretty and you’ve got the cutest model! I definitely need to add this to my soon to-do list for our daughter. Pink is her favorite and lately with her shorter limbs, I find that store bought clothes are much too long for her. I should just knit her up this winters wardrobe!

    • 9.15.21
      Kalley said:

      Aw yes a custom sweater would be perfect for her!

  15. 9.15.21
    Valerie said:

    That yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I’m a crocheter and would love to make a sweater out of that yarn!

  16. 9.15.21
    Cara said:

    I’m completely obsessed with Petite Knit!! Maddie is the cutest! ❤️

    • 9.16.21
      Kalley said:

      Thank you. 🙂

  17. 9.16.21
    Sara said:

    I don’t knit, I crochet, but I bought some of this yarn in a dark gray color & I’m so excited to try it. This sweater is adorable 😍

    • 9.16.21
      Kalley said:

      You’ll love the yarn! Gray sounds lovely

  18. 9.17.21
    Kariana said:

    Usually I see sweaters and think there’s no way I could make that, but you make everything look gorgeous and like I have to learn how to do it right now 😂