My Favorite Fall Finds

Is there anything better than pumpkin season? Nope! I love finding new Fall inspired items each year. In this post, I’m sharing my favorite Fall finds from this year and previous years.

If you like something, let me know! I love reading your comments.

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PSL + Chai

The most important thing during Fall is Fall drinks! I have been enjoying the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Latte concentrate with milk. It’s great hot or iced. My favorite creamers are nutpods! The spiced chair and pumpkin spice creamers are both perfect for Fall! They are unsweetened so if you like your drinks sweet, you can add your own sweetener! Of course, the Tazo PSL already has sugar in it.

Click here to order nutpods and use the code KNEEDLESANDLIFE for 15% off! Click here to check out my whole nutpods taste guide.

Fall Scents

This year I made the brave (hehe) decision to not burn any candles! I have been enjoying diffusing oils for a number of reasons. They are better for your lungs, cleaner for the house, more affordable, and create less waste.

I don’t sell Revive but chose their oils based on my own research and love how they smell. They’re also very affordable.

Click here for my diffuser. The oils that come with it aren’t great but the diffuser is still worth it.

Pumpkin Bread

I discovered this easy and delicious pumpkin cream cheese bread recipe on Pinterest this year and have already made two loaves! You can find the recipe here.


Target has new Good & Gather granola and it is DELICIOUS. This is my second bag of the pumpkin pie flavor. I love eating it with greek yogurt… or alone! Here’s a link for the pumpkin and a link for the apple.

Verb Energy Bars

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me share about Verb Energy bars. They are small, delicious bars that contain as much caffeine as a shot of espresso (from green tea), but don’t give you the jitters or a crash later. The pumpkin spice latte flavor is spot on and only 90 calories! I love eating one of these bars in the afternoon when I start to feel sleepy around 2pm. The energy is instant!

You can get a starter kit for only $10 with my special link. Click here to check it out!


How cute are these mugs from Target?! Each one is only $5 and you could use them all year. I linked them all here.

Knit Blankets

Don’t forget to snuggle up in a knit blanket this season! If you’re a knitter, check out The Madeline Throw pattern. It’s FREE!


xo, kalley

P.S. My go-to Fall Starbucks order is a chai tea latte with pumpkin sauce. You should try it and let me know!

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