My Favorite DK and Worsted Weight Yarn

I get asked a lot about what yarn or needles I recommend for different projects so I decided to start a series on my favorites in a place that you can come back to over and over. Let’s start with some of the most popular weight yarn; DK and worsted. I have fallen in love with DK weight yarn this past year because it seems to be just the right weight for a variety of projects, but worsted is very similar and many patterns call for worsted yarn.

All of this yarn happens to be from KnitPicks, and I will use my affiliate links, but this post is not sponsored by KnitPicks, nor did they pay me to write any of this. If you do make a purchase through my link, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep my blog running so that I can continue to provide free content for you, so thank you in advance!

DK (double knit) weight yarn

Swish DK

This yarn is 100% superwash merino wool and very soft. It comes in so many colors that if I had to only knit with this yarn, I absolutely would. I have made multiple sweaters for my daughter with this yarn, as well as a hat for myself. It’s incredibly soft and has nice tension. I believe it’s a true DK so you shouldn’t have any issues with gauge. You can gently wash and dry this yarn. I definitely recommend this yarn for yourself but kids too!

Anker’s Sweater by PetiteKnit

CotLin DK

CotLin is what you think – a cotton/linen blend. It’s very soft but you may find it’s stiffer than some cotton. It washes and dries really well and I have used it for tops for myself and my daughter! In my opinion, it gets softer once you wash it, so be sure to at least block your project. It has a really nice stitch definition, especially paired with metal needles. I also love the color options.

Alpaca Cloud DK

This yarn is 100% baby alpaca and really pretty! If you have used alpaca yarn before, you know it’s a little hairy. You can’t tell once you finish the sweater and are wearing it, though. It was slightly itchy when I first tried on my sweater but wet blocking it helped so much that I don’t notice when I wear it! I used this yarn to make the Anker’s Sweater My Size by PetiteKnit and it has a beautiful drape and blocked perfectly without stretching out or doing anything weird.

Anker’s Sweater – My Size by PetiteKnit

City Tweed DK

I’m currently using this yarn to knit my husband a sweater and the tension and color look beautiful. It’s a wool/alpaca blend with donegal tweed. It’s very soft and the color options are nice. It also comes in Aran weight.

Worsted weight yarn

Swish Worsted

Swish worsted is the thicker version of Swish DK. It is the exact same yarn just thicker, but still a light worsted. I love this yarn for sweaters and find that it washes and dries well without piling. I also love the price point and highly recommend for your next worsted project. The Swish line also comes in bulky and I have used it for multiple hat/cowl projects.


Dishie is 100% cotton and super soft! It is my absolute favorite cotton for any project. It is a true worsted and comes in beautiful colors.

The Willow Dishcloth by Kneedles & Life

Twill Aran

This yarn is 100% merino wool and a thick, dense Aran weight. I am absolutely in love with this yarn. The colors are beautiful, the texture is nice and it’s squishy and soft. I have met gauge with some bulky sweaters and have already made two. I plan to make a couple cardigans with this yarn for my daughter, too. It washes and dries well and also comes in fingering weight.

Comfy Worsted

I have used this yarn in the “color mist” version for a top for my daughter and it’s a really nice cotton/acrylic blend. It’s very soft and washes and dries well. I personally think it’s a little on the thin side of worsted yarn.

Passing Showers Tee by Wholecloth

Preciosa Tonal

This yarn is 100% merino wool and the colors are tonal, meaning there are variations of light and dark. The hanks are really large so you can get a couple hats out of one. I love this yarn because it’s single ply and looks hand dyed. I designed the Light Roast Coffee Bean Beanie with this yarn.

The Light Roast Coffee Bean Beanie by Kneedles & Life

Hand dyed yarn

I also want to mention that I LOVE hand dyed DK and Worsted weight yarn, and I love supporting indie dyers and local yarn shops when my budget allows. Some of my favorite dyers right now are The Little Foxes and Winnie Jo Fiber Co.

Ochre colorway from Winnie Jo Fiber Co

Let me know what you’re favorite DK and worsted yarn is and if you like any of these!

I also have a post with my favorite sock yarn you can find here.

xo, kalley

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  1. 11.18.21
    Jason said:

    So I haven’t knit with Comfy Worsted, but am using Comfy fingering right now for a sock design and I was 100% surprised at how soft it is, considering there is acrylic in there! 10/10 great yarn!

    • 11.19.21
      Kalley said:

      I agree, it’s so soft!

  2. 11.20.21

    It’s so great to see a designer singing the praises of natural yarns. I only use them for my designs. My favourite DK yarns I use are UK Alpaca’s Superfine range plus DROPS Lima.

    • 11.20.21
      Kalley said:

      I used to use more acrylic but I’m so happy to find natural fibers that are affordable and not itchy!

  3. 5.9.22
    Bonnie Angus said:

    I just discovered Skein Tones by Lion Brand yarns and am so loving it!

    • 5.12.22
      Kalley said:

      The colors look beautiful!

  4. 6.21.22
    Michele said:

    Which one of these yarns would you use for a baby blanket? Either weight is fine, but I’m Not sure about feel and washability.

    • 6.21.22
      Kalley said:

      Comfy washes the best, and Dishie is a close second. Swish is great for soft and durable, especially if you want wool, but I would be careful and only air dry just in case!