Are Furls Crochet Hooks Worth It? My honest review!


I have been using my Furls crochet hooks for 2 years and still LOVE them! They are helped my carpal tunnel so much and allow me to keep crocheting orders when it is acting up. I have no more wrist pain or swollen fingers after crocheting. If you suffer from any of this, I highly recommend giving Furls hooks a try!

A little over a month ago I received three crochet hooks from Furls Crochet. Up until now, I have only used the thin metal hooks you can buy at most craft stores. I have not used anything ergonomic, squishy, or wooden. I had been wanting to try something new for awhile, so I reached out to Furls and they generously sent me a few hooks to try in exchange for my honest review! I used them for awhile before sitting down to write this post, so I could give you a genuine opinion of them. These thoughts are my own and not persuaded by Furls Crochet or anyone else. I truly want to help you decide if these hooks might be a good fit for you!

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To be 100% transparent, I had to significantly change my grip to use these hooks and it took me time and patience to go slowly and get used to it. I usually hold my hook high up close to the tip, and my right pointer finger does a lot of work helping with the yarn. To fully reap the benefits of an ergonomic hook, I have to grip it lower and also looser, and hold my pointer back from being so extra LOL.

What’s the big deal?

Okay so you might be thinking “why bother going through changing your grip just for a pretty hook?” A few years ago I started experiencing really bad arm pain after I stopped teaching and started crocheting basically all day. The pain got so bad it would wake me up at night, and hurt when I tried to workout. I read a lot online and apparently it’s a common problem. Annoying, right? Who injures their arm crocheting? LOL. I’ve been able to manage it by knitting more but my arm still hurts pretty bad if I crochet for long periods of time.

I can honestly say, once I got used to the grip, Furls hooks do not cause arm pain. I can be using a basic hook, especially in a small size, and my arm will start hurting. I switch to a Furls hook and it’s gone. THIS alone is worth every penny!


The pattern in this picture is the Summer of ’77 Collection Rainbow Pillow by Poppie Joe and Co.

One of the hooks I received is the Rose Gold and White Odyssey hook you see above. The Odyssey hooks are metal and a bit heavy, but not TOO heavy. They come in a lot of fun colors. They are super smooth and the weight is balanced so it should increase your speed. I already consider myself a pretty fast crocheter so I didn’t see any increase in speed, but I also didn’t see any decrease once I got used to it. I like the pointy tip and since I’m already used to using metal needles, I love this one the most.

The second hook I received is the tan one you see below which is a Streamline Wood hook in the color Camwood. The regular Strealine hooks are the most lightweight and come in three gorgeous colors. This was my first time using a wooden hook but I really like the feel of it and how lightweight it is for an ergonomic hook. These are also the most affordable hook option so if you’re wanting to try Furls for the first time but are on the fence about price, I suggest the Streamlines.

This pattern in this picture is the 1987 Scrunchie pattern by Christina Ann Studios.

The third hook I received is the Streamline Swirl in the color Cafe. I love how the swirl hooks look the most! They are a tiny bit heavier than the regular Streamline because they are made with resin, which results in them being a bit smoother as well.

The pattern in this picture is the Arcadia Coaster – free pattern by me!


For me personally, the wood Streamline makes my tension looser. I think this is most likely because I am used to metal hooks and I was using cotton yarn, so over time it will tighten up. I saw the same result with the resin Streamline Swirl. The Odyssey hook is metal and matches my tension perfectly!

Cost – is it worth it?

Furls Crochet hooks come in a range of prices depending on the style and color. The Streamline hooks are the most affordable, and then the prices go up a bit with each style. The ease of pain is 100% worth it to me, but having a beautiful tool that is enjoyable to look at and work with is also worth it.

Furls also has a no questions asked return policy. If you for any reason aren’t happy with your hook, they will exchange it, replace it, or give you a full refund within 90 days. They have a LIFETIME refund policy for broken hooks which is amazing. My Odyssey hook came with some blemishes on the white paint and rose gold tip, so they sent me a replacement immediately.

So yeah, I’d say you’re in good hands when you choose to purchase a hook from Furls Crochet!

Really freakin pretty

The pattern in this picture is the Dogwood Dishcloth – free pattern by me!

Last but not least, we can all agree these hooks are just really gorgeous. I love the minimal, sleek designs and colors. When I crochet with a Furls hook I feel better about what I’m making, and they’re pretty to take pictures with as well. 🙂 There are so many different styles, colors, and tools on the website that I didn’t even cover in this post, so go take a look!

I hope this post was helpful. Because of the range of prices and materials, I think anyone can find a hook that works for them. Let me know if you have any questions about these hooks that I can answer!

XOXO, Kalley

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