HP Themed Gift Ideas for anyone you know

I wanted to do this theme because I LOVE Harry Potter and think wizard themed gifts are so fun! This is one of those categories that is pretty easy to gifts but I try to choose cute and classy ones! These gifts would be great for any holiday, birthday, or just because. 🙂

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  1. Sweatshirts. I love HP themed sweatshirts and thought these were really cute! Linking the “I solemnly swear” one here.
  2. Candle. LOVE this candle we got a few years ago! It burned really slow and smelled amazing. The shop is really fun too so check out their other candles!
  3. Socks knitting pattern. I haven’t personally made this pattern but I love the stripes and they would make the perfect house socks!
  4. Blanket. My husband gave me this blanket for my birthday and it’s sooo soft. I love how beautiful it looks on the couch but it’s also the perfect lap blanket.
  5. Mug. I gave this mug to my husband for his birthday as a little joke but our daughter is crazy about it LOL.
  6. Sticker. I used to have a sticker on my old laptop that’s not available anymore but this one is really similar!
  7. Coasters. I gave these to my husband when we were dating and we still use them today! They are great quality and look really nice in your home. I love a classy touch of fandom. 😉

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