Favorite Bulky and Super Bulky Yarn

Bulky yarn was my favorite yarn weight for years and still holds a special place in my heart! Bulky and super bulky are both great for hats but bulky is a real sweet spot for warmth and comfort.

I want to share my favorites with you if you’re looking for yarn for hats or even garments!

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Bulky Weight Yarn

Swish Bulky

This is one of my favorite bulky yarns. It’s 100% wool and super soft. I love to use it for beanies and cowls, but I’m sure it would make a nicer sweater too!

I designed the Bulky Coffee Bean Cowl and Medium Roast Coffee Bean Beanie with this yarn. This yarn is 100% wool.

Hue + Me

This yarn from Lion Brand is on the thicker side but I love the colors! I have used this yarn for a beanie for my daughter and it’s nice and warm. I order mine from We Crochet. This yarn is a wool/acrylic blend.


Billow from KnitPicks is a bulky cotton yarn. I used it to design my Arcadia coasters and it has a thick and thin texture. It’s very soft and durable and I also love the color options.

Muse Hand Painted

I like Muse from KnitPicks because it’s soft, single ply, and looks like hand dyed yarn. It’s a very light bulky but I have made beanies with it and also a Novice Sweater Junior. This yarn is 100% wool and it comes in a fingering sock version as well.


I have used Biggo from KnitPicks for a sweater and really like it. It’s super soft and has a nice drape. It gets a little fuzzy but my fabric shaver took care of it. This yarn is a wool/nylon blend so it’s a bit stretchy, too.

Super Bulky Weight Yarn

All of these are 100% wool.

The Wool

We Are Knitters The Wool is super thick and fluffy. It’s a single ply/roving so it creates a really flawless texture. I like to use it for hats and am currently making a blanket from one of their kits. You can use the code MGMD2JH4E to save $12 on your first order over $45.

Crazy Sexy Wool

Wool And The Gang Crazy Sexy Wool is essentially the same thing as We Are Knitters so it just depends who you want to order from and what colors you want.

Tuff Puff

Tuff Puff from KnitPicks is very similar in weight and texture to The Wool and Crazy Sexy Wool, it’s just not as soft. If you are sensitive to wool you will probably not like this yarn.

I used it to design my Coffee Bean Cowl, and Extra Bold Coffee Bean Beanie. I love the Snickerdoodle color and Pucker is a super fun hot pink!

Malabrigo Rasta

Most knitters I know who make hats are obsessed with Rasta, and for good reason. It’s extremely soft, shiny, and in my opinion is the perfect super bulky weight. Malabrigo is also a great company to support as they are sustainable and ethical in their yarn making. I order Rasta from Webs because they have a discount if you buy a certain amount.

I designed my Mermaid Tail Cowl with Rasta!


I absolutely love hand dyed super bulky yarn! Someone who carrie a lot of this weight is Bella Vista Knits.

So tell me, have you tried any of these yarns? Do you have a favorite bulky or super bulky yarn? Let me know in the comments!

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xo, kalley

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