Daily Harvest Review – Is it worth it?

This is a totally honest review of my experience with Daily Harvest, and if I think it’s worth it to have them deliver healthy food to your door!

If you’ve been on Instagram for any amount of time, you have probably seen me, or someone else you follow share about Daily Harvest. I have been getting their food delivered once a month for about 4 years now.

This post is not sponsored by Daily Harvest, but I am an affiliate. This means if you use my discount code, I may make a small commission. This doesn’t cost you any extra. You actually get a generous discount for using the code, so it’s a win for us both! Thanks for supporting my blog.

So what is it?

Daily Harvest delivers fresh and healthy, frozen food right to your door. All of their recipes are plant based – no dairy, meat, or other animal products, and gluten-free. Each recipe has minimal ingredients that are all nutritional and include a number of superfoods. I never have to check the label to make sure I’m not eating anything sketchy or sugary.

Their menu now has a variety of options from smoothies to pasta! I’ll share what I think of each category and some of my favorites later on in this post.

The boxes arrive on dry ice so you can pop the meals right in the freezer. Each one is fully cooked and ready to eat with just 2-3 minutes of prep time, whether that’s heating or blending. Almost all of the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. I love that Daily Harvest not only values healthy food, but the amount of waste they create!

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Two questions I get a lot: Is it worth the price? Does it actually taste good?

Personally, yes to both! Hopefully after reading this post, you’ll have a better idea if it’s worth it for you, too.

Why I love Daily Harvest:

Convenience: I’m a stay-at-home mom, running an online business and blog. It’s difficult to feed myself lunch on a daily basis. So on those days when I’m really busy and have nothing planned, I can easily grab a meal out of the freezer. Which brings me to my next point…

Healthy: It’s easy for me to grab something like a microwave cup of mac and cheese out of the cabinet, or snack on junk instead of eating a real meal. As someone who exercises and eats as healthy as I can, it’s even better that I know Daily Harvest has my back when it comes to a nutritious meal.

Taste: Daily Harvest’s food actually tastes good. I really don’t enjoy most vegetables, but their recipes pair them perfectly and make eating veggies taste good.

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Let’s talk about options and what some of my favorites are…


I haven’t tried a smoothie I don’t like! I usually try to pick ones with ingredients that I wouldn’t buy and use on my own. I always add water and a banana because I like my smoothies creamy. Sometimes I add spinach if it doesn’t have any veggies.

If you’re looking for Fall in a smoothie, try the Carrot + Cinnamon!

Harvest Bowls

I love most of the harvest bowls! My favorites are Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash, Broccoli + Cheeze, and Lentil + Tomato Bolognese. I recently tried their brand new Cremini + Asparagus Pot Pie and it’s was super creamy and delicious! FYI I think most harvest bowls taste best when you heat them in a pan on the stove, rather than the microwave.


I loooove the flatbreads! I could eat the Pear + Arugula one every day LOL. I also like the Tomatillo + Basil one.

Oat Bowls

Oat bowls are my favorite meal from Daily Harvest! They are all delicious, so you really can’t go wrong. I usually add oat milk to mine and heat in the microwave. These will be under the “forager bowl” category on their website.

If you’re looking for a Fall inspired oat bowl, try the Chai Spiced Squash + Pecans!

Chia Bowls

I’ve only tried one chia bowl. It tasted good but chia is not my favorite texture so I haven’t tried them again. If you do like chia bowls, you will probably loves these!


The bites were not my favorite at first, but now I like and appreciate them so much! My daughter is 5, so we’re often running out the door to some activity of hers and I can eat a couple bites as I’m getting ready and be full. The Apple + Spiced and Raspberry + Fig bites are my favorites!


I looove the DH soups because they’re so clean and healthy! The ingredients come frozen and you blend them together with water, broth or milk before heating up. The Butternut Square + Rosemary is my favorite, as well as the Broccoli + White Bean.


This may be a confusing menu item but it’s almond pods that you turn into milk with water. I have a box in my freezer and add them to oat bowls with water. It’s just like adding almond milk to your bowl. And now they offer oat mylk!

I fully believe you get what you pay for with Daily Harvest. Like I said, I don’t eat them everyday. When I do, it’s a treat and I love how convenient they are and how they taste. It’s such a nice option to have in the freezer.

I think the best option to try when you’re just starting out is a 9-item box. You can try a few smoothies, bowls, and maybe a flat bread to get started! You’ll get up to $65 with the code KNEEDLES and can add whatever items you want. Click here to start building your box now!

If you don’t like it, or do like it but it’s not 100% worth it, you can cancel your subscription! Or just pause if you think you may want to get a box occasionally.

Is Daily Harvest really healthy?

Yep! Each item is made with REAL food and includes no preservatives, gums, fillers, or oils. There is nothing artificial in any of Daily Harvest’s recipes. When you open a meal, I love that you can see each individual ingredient. I also like that most meals are low calorie, and have no added sugar.

Daily Harvest’s ingredients are farm-frozen, which manes they are frozen right after harvest and contain more antioxidants. When frozen the day of harvest, it retains 50% more antioxidants than refrigerated options three days after harvest.

Read more here!

Are the portions big enough?

For me personally, yes, but I know this isn’t the case for everyone. A great things about Daily Harvest is how easily you can supplement with a meal, and they actually have a lot of ideas on their Instagram for customizing recipes! The easiest things you can add are rice, chicken, or an egg. With smoothies, I always add a banana and sometimes frozen spinach and/or a scoop of protein powder!

Is Daily Harvest Organic?

98% of ingredients Daily Harvest uses are organic, and will tell you on the package.

Is it expensive?

To be blunt, yes it’s expensive. But “expensive” is relative to your situation. I think for the convenience + healthy ingredients, it’s totally worth it to have in the freezer for certain occations. I don’t think it’s worth the price to eat it every single meal. You can never know until you try it, though!

I hope this review was helpful. Feel free to leave any questions I didn’t cover in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer!

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