3 scarves that are fun to knit and wear

This past winter, I made 3 scarves and they quickly became some of my favorite patterns. I wanted to share each one with you, and show you how I wear them!

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Sophie Scarf

The Sophie Scarf is a really quick little tie scarf that is worked in garter stitch from tip to tip with icord edges. Both size wrap around the neck once for a cute look, but the large size will wrap twice for more warmth. The pattern is written for DK yarn. I made quite a few of these for gifts and used DK, fingering held double, and bulky with larger needles. It’s easy to adapt to fit whatever yarn you want to use.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry by clicking here. It is written in many languages!

Sophie Shawl

The Sophie Shawl is a similar pattern, but grows quicker into a much larger size and uses worsted yarn instead of DK. I love how cozy and warm this pattern is! I used a worsted weight wool from Sewrella yarn.

Here I have it wrapped around my neck twice and tied, but you can wrap it once for a loose blanket scarf look, or wear it like a shawl around your shoulders. Click here for the pattern on Ravelry.

Mini Skein Shawl

Do you have some fingering minis that you want to use, but can’t find a pattern? I came across this adorable mini shawl on Ravelry and it only uses 5 minis! You could use more minis and make it bigger, or you could use scraps and single skeins as well. The pattern is super easy to memorize, making this a quick and mindless knit.

I plan to make more of these with yarn I have in my stash. I made this one with Sewrella yarn from an oopsie sale. Click here for the pattern on Ravelry, and here for the pattern on Etsy.

Let me know if you have made one of these patterns, or if you plan to now. 🙂

xo, kalley

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